How much does it cost?

Every property is different, and we will assess them when we walkthrough your property together. Below are general costs so that you can gauge what it may cost. The costs may fluctuate up or down depending on various factors that may increase the amount of time required to manage the property.

This is just a ball park for your estimates, especially if you are securing a big property together with other investors. The actual calculations will be provided in your proposal. Make sure to reach out to us so we can be ready to take care of your property after your deal closes.

What to consider when choosing a property manager

  • Watch out for management fees that seem too low.
    It may be a good indication that the property managers are stretched thin and may not manage your property well. Poor management can lead to unhappy tenants, which leads to higher turnover and more extended vacancies without rental income.
  • Watch out for leasing fees that seem too low.
    Watch out for property managers who charge no management fees when the unit is vacant.
    Though it may seem that you are saving money this way, this is actually a trap. It is in your best interest to get a good tenant who takes care of your property as you would and pays on time. When a tenant leaves, the property manager must make the unit rent-ready. Then, s/he must show the property and adequately screen the tenants. A leasing office that makes promises at a lower fee or to do it faster may signal that they will get anyone in quickly to collect the fee and leave you with the mess of a bad tenant.
  • Watch out for management companies that do not provide a cancellation of agreement with 30-day notice.
    Some property management companies request long-term management contracts that cannot be canceled or only with a tremendous fee. Though they may take care of your property upfront, you would have no recourse for their services deterioration. Instead, ensure that the property management company you work with puts in the ability for you to cancel contracts with a 30 day written notice.
  • Choose a property management company that understands your goals and can deliver their promises.
    If you are an investor who desires to go beyond financial freedom to helping others, we are too! We want to help you succeed and accomplish your dreams. We know what it takes to manage real estate so that it can be more profitable over time. Let us walk alongside you and earn your trust for greater things.

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