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Hate providing customer service? We treat your tenants as customers and we help you retain good tenants. Many investors want to simply see money come in without dealing with the hassles of managing their tenants. We can help you join them and simply enjoy your money and go after other things in life.

What we do

We handle all phases of property management including finding tenants, maintenance, staging and clean up prior to re-leasing in the NYC area (the five boroughs, Long Island, and Northern NJ). You can be thousands of miles away and you can rest assured that your property and your tenants will be in good hands. Find out more here.

Who we are

We are your expert property managers. We can relieve you of your administrative duties so that you can truly have a passive investment. Read more about who we are here.

Why Real Estate

Owning real estate opens up many opportunities to earn money year after year, even while sleeping. Beyond possibilities of steady cash flow (rent minus debt service and operating expenses), tax benefits, a high possibility of appreciation, and equity build up over time. While you wait for your money to accumulate, you need to handle one thing, property management.

Property management is simple when you have good tenants who pay on time and keeps your property clean and well maintained. The problem occurs when something goes wrong. When it does, it ruins your day-to-day life and destroys the positive feelings you associated with your passive income machine.

A client of ours had rented out his property at his last job location that was about five hours driving distance away from his current location. Initially, his tenant paid the rent on time, making it easy to enjoy rental property ownership. Then some plumbing issues began. The tenants would not help with the coordination and would not pay rent. He had to drive up there and remain several days to call the professionals and sort out the issues. He had to miss several days of work without much notice to his employer and had to toil away from his family to handle the problem.

Reasons why you may want to consider a professional property manager

Many investment property owners think they save money by fixing their properties independently, but they often miss these three things that hurt them from achieving their goals.

Real estate is to be an investment, nothing more, nothing less. The time you take away to work on the property reduces your earnings. You are taking your mind off your other goals to run off to handle the problems that suddenly emerged when your tenants called. You are spending time away from family, friends, and possibly money-earning business activities to deal with the problems, not just physically but mentally as well. Real estate is no longer your passive income where you enjoy the growing money in the bank, but something you actively must work on to keep it going.

It may damage your professionalism at work. If you're a higher-income, full-time professional, which many property owners are, rushing off to urgent crises during workdays at your rental is impractical, and it can hurt your career. Employers will not appreciate your need to take leave for unpredictable and unscheduled demands. It may also give you internal conflicts about your professionalism.

You may be losing more money than you think. We encourage you to look at your annual income and determine your hourly rate. Then, calculate how much you are saving by managing your property on your own. More than likely, especially if you are a high-earner as many property owners are, you are probably not saving much, if at all (this is excluding your mental expenditures). You should spend your PTO with your family and loved ones, not isolated and working more. An alternative may be to spend that time to make more deals and buy more investments to generate even a greater cash flow. (If you want to invest in real estate, join me at https://www.sciturus.com.)

To Leverage and Scale. To be a successful real estate investor, you need to let go of doing more and own more passive income-generating properties. You will be limited by yourself from growing in your investments without a team to support you. Successful investors leave it to the property management professionals to handle their tenants and properties to relieve themselves of the time they would otherwise spend working on their investments. Don't limit your growth and financial independence by becoming the single point of failure. Leverage and scale instead.

Other reasons why you may want to consider professional property management

If you are a real estate agent - we want to help you to accomplish your goals

90% of sales agents and brokers do not want to handle rentals. Send us your customers and we will provide you a generous referral fee when your customers sign on with us. Here are the fees we would provide:

Referral Fees will mailed no later than 25 days after the beginning of the lease to the Broker.

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